About me, Mabu-hey Girl

I’ve always been the Mabu-hey Girl, in one form or another.

Even as I think of myself as shy and introverted, I will always be the greeter, the smiler, the escort into the fray. For the awkwardness I generate in social situations, I make up in smiles and giggles.

Since our days our finite, I will take note and record the many adventures that life presents.  I will jot down the small miracles and discoveries I encounter. I will remember and give thanks for everyday that I am given.

I’ve been a children’s theater actor, a sing-song-y radio newsreader, a spiel maker for a lounge singer, a girl-Friday, an all-around cheerleader, nanny of artists, cultural bridge and Japayuki (I say that with pride).

These days, I try my best to save the world. One paper at a time.




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