Tao with Uncle

I love to eat but more than that, I love eating with the ones I love.

This week, I caught up with Uncle in Tao Downtown, which I could have gone to sooner if someone kept his promise (ha!).

I didn’t know that Tao had another entrance, which was for the nightclub. I didn’t get wind of that until I noticed that people entering there were more than dressed for eating and that the entrance had a velvet rope. Buti na lang, I went around and saw Uncle waiting for me by the restaurant’s dining hall entrance.


Once we pushed open 2 sets of heavy doors, we got inside what felt and looked like a luxurious dungeon. It had a loungey, decadent vibe, which was perfect for romantic dates. We were practically surrounded by couples. My Uncle and I were a couple too, I guess. A couple of hungry diners!

It was Restaurant Week so we could have had the set meals but we didn’t. He had the roasted duck rice and I had a miso glazed cod. Ang sarap! It looked too appetizing, I forgot to take photos.

But, I did take more photos of Tao.

The food and ambience is terrific in this place because it’s ultimately a show- off place. You bring someone here because you want to impress. And impress it does because of the theatricality of its interior and food presentation.

In uncle’s case, he was just craving for roasted duck rice.

Tao Downtown


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