How to deal when you (watch) “Finally Found Someone “

I terribly wanted to like Finally Found Someone. But of all days to see it, we watch the day after Anna Faris and Chris Pratt announced their separation.

Suddenly, my already shaky belief in everlasting love just became more precarious. If the adorable seemingly Instagram-perfect, real-life couple could not make it, what hope do we regular Joes and Marias have?

The draw is the charming leads, Sarah Geronimo who plays jilted heartbroken, yet hopeful Aprilyn; and John Lloyd Cruz who plays strait-laced well-put-together spin doctor Raffy. Really that’s all we need to know because the script is at its best is trite; at its worst, dumb.

The movie started with Aprilyn finding out on the day of her wedding, while waiting for her cue to emerge from the bridal car to enter the church to get married, that her groom for some reason* had cold feet. After this shocking news, what Aprilyn did became more absurd.

I get it that being madly in love would drive anyone to do really stupid things. But the extent to which Aprilyn went through to practically grovel and ask the runaway groom why he did what he did was unspeakable. Like my friend would say, “dignidad naman, girl.”

This ridiculousness is fodder for social media so Aprilyn, in her lowest moment, is captured and shared as a meme. This apparently concerns her “future” father-in-law, not because kawawa naman si Aprilyn, but because he is more concerned of his son’s likeability and trust rating as a successor to his post as mayor.

So what does the mayor / Aprilyn’s “future” father-in-law does? Why, employ a PR expert to change public perception of Aprilyn, from a broken and betrayed bride-to-be to a capable and worldly woman, who’s already moved on to better things, of course. And this PR expert is Raffy (John Lloyd Cruz). So with that, you would already know what will transpire: cuteness and kilig overload.

The story was hackneyed, the dialogue trite. It was a pity that having such likeable, talented and attractive actors like Sarah and John Lloyd are not maximized to do what they are able to . I do not blame Barbra Streisand and Bryan Adams for not granting permission for this production to use the song after which this movie’s title is taken from. Nowhere in the movie is it played or sung!

I love Filipino movies but come on! There are more than enough love stories that Filipino filmmakers can tell, aside from this nonsensical formula.

Bah humbug!

*The reason, revealed later, was that the groom fled to Hong Kong to be with another woman. I think the real reason was all those damning greeting cards boxed in what looked like a mini-balikbayan box from Aprilyn to her “future husband.” 



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