Cooped up at home because of Blizzard Jonas, was a good enough reason to abide by my resolution to cook my own food.

What caught my eye was a cooking pack courtesy of Fresh Routes. The cooking kit included most of the ingredients (save for the perishables) and the recipe. It was very easy to follow and no-fuss.

I like that it saved me some time sourcing and figuring out the ingredients, something that gives me a lot of anxiety — have I bought the right one, the correct portion/size/quantity? Cooking kits are a gateway for cooking beginners to more exciting culinary adventures.

Viola! The finished product is tasty! It was already good if you follow the recipe but I tweaked it a bit according to my taste (put in fish sauce and more lemon juice). Yummy in my tummy! And there was enough for my lunch tomorrow, though not too much that I was stuck eating it for the whole week.

Cooking Kit: WIN!