WATCH: Something Rotten on Broadway


I love it! I love it! I love it!

Something Rotten tells the story of two brothers, Nick and Nigel Bottom, and how they developed and produced the first musical (ever), as an alternative to Shakespeare’s iambic dramas. There is romance, intrigue, codpieces, deception, rock stars, tap dancing, a usurious Jew, woman-power, dream sequences, a soothsayer, feathers, pilgrims, puppets, eggs, music and laughter, and more! It is shameless in its eagerness to seek the audience’s approval — putting in everything that constitutes a good time, short of throwing in the proverbial kitchen sink.


That said, I could not rant enough how some people do not know, or simply do not care, how to watch a play.  I wanted to say any live performance, but watching a play or a classical concert is definitely different from watching a live band or group. It all depends on the venue.

We’ve heard of the cellphone that ruined a symphony by ringing in the middle of the concert. Benedict Cumberbatch could not contain his annoyance of people taking photos on their cellphones while the show was going on. My peeve during “Something Rotten” was something less tech-driven. My theater experience was not complete because I was disturbed by the relentless PDA the couple in front of my seat was displaying. Now, I am all for showing affection — one of my favorite kikay songs this season is Selena Gomez’s “Hands to Myself” — but when your constant smooches and face touching block my sightlines of an exhibition of talent I paid good money to see, you have basically given me a cause to kick your seats all throughout the play.



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