This is Where I Want to Be (Part I)

Another 366 exciting opportunities to explore!

Before January ends, let me look back at 2015. (I apologize in advance for presenting you a deluge of photos. This is what happens when you only post at the beginning of the year!)

I wasn’t in the best frame of mind when it started and most of the time I was just coasting and trying things so I can somehow smooth some mental and emotional snags I had been going through.

2015 was a year I fell down repeatedly…


Somehow I still got going.

I got to go to San Francisco to be with one of my best friends:

Auey takes the best pictures! Everyone she takes looks so happy. 

to (attempt to) find my balance

yoga sf

and to soak in the sunny disposition of the city. I only stayed a weekend in SF but got so enamored with the weather, I forgot I was going home to negative temperatures.

Went to Chicago on a solo trip


FotorCreated chicago 2

FotorCreated chicago 3

Went home to the Philippines — “staycationed” in Laguna

Made like a beached whale on the shores of Puerto Prinsesa, Palawan

Inspired by a Filipino TV soap to explore Baguio and Benguet

Back in New York, I continued mini-adventures in Tarrytown

Pretended I was a Rockefeller, surveying my domain

Waited for the sunset, while grazing on cheese and sipping wine in a Long Island Winery

Projecting our doña fantasies on the lucky ducks who had tables in the Hamptons.

Enjoyed the perfect day in Montauk

Took advantage of the laid-back vibe in Fire Island

(To be continued)



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