The Martian and other Worldly Concerns

Matt Damon The Martian alone on Mars
Image from,manual

R and I agree that The Martian is an immensely satisfying movie. It is entertaining, smart, and hopeful. However, since I could not fully confirm it, I am hesitant to say realistic, but what the heck — it’s realistic! R is going to pick the movies we watch from now on.

Takeaways from The Martian:

  1. I wish I paid extra attention to my science and math classes and science-d the shit off my studies!
  2. I like Kristen Wiig but why is she in this movie???
  3. I would like to see more of Chiwetel Ejiofor on film and TV. (Now IMDB-ing his projects).
  4. Disco music is motivating. It pushed Matt Damon’s character to hurry out of Mars, even if it is because he would like to already escape it. Although, I would not mind a well-timed “I Will Survive” while I am planting patatas.
  5. R reminds me of Matt Damon.
  6. The movie has inspired me to take up journaling again.

And that’s what I’m doing. Even though my journal is not as exciting as Matt Damon’s character’s, at least I am not writing it from Mars.


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