2014 was a heart-wrenching year. And to think it started peacefully.

Spring was characterized by run-jog-walks in the park, lovely dinners, wine tastings in barren vineyards. After telling somebody that my favorite food was dinuguan, I was impressed when dinuguan was prepared and served from scratch.  One of my best friends and my sister came to visit and provide ample diversion.

dotie da who

I didn't realize they had the same hairdo.
I didn’t realize they had the same hairdo.

Summer was balmy, perfect for road trips.

Ocean Grove Tarrytown Montauk  IMG_1011 IMG_1088


I wished those sunny days would never end. But they did. They always do. To make way for the fall. Which quickly became winter.



I thought that I would see the time when I could swing on that hammock one summer.